Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd is a multi-disciplined civil engineering contractor
in the South East, which was formed by a trio of brothers in early 2020.

Mullen Brothers

Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd are experts in the civil engineering industry, operating as a multi-disciplined contractor based in the South East. Established by a trio of brothers in early 2020, the company embodies a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a strong foundation in various disciplines, the brothers possess a deep understanding of the needs of the industry.

Throughout their journey, the founders have firmly established themselves in the field by successfully securing a diverse range of contracts. Their expertise extends beyond boundaries, encompassing projects such as telecoms, electrical trenching, EV charging points, and carriageway works. By diversifying their portfolio, they have showcased their adaptability and proficiency in executing projects of varying complexity.

Areas of Expertise


From first dig to completion, our team of experts are proficient in telecoms installations.


Installing electricity services including laying new cables and repairing existing systems.

EV Charging

Single point or large scale installations of many points, we can help with all EV charging needs.


We can help with all types of footways and carriageways, from resurfacing and repair to new roads.

A Family Firm

What truly distinguishes the Mullen brothers from their competitors is their unwavering commitment to self-delivery, HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality), and prioritising their clients’ needs. This unwavering dedication to excellence and safety underpins every project they undertake, ensuring that they consistently surpass expectations.

It is important to note that Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd was born out of a family-run business, OMC, which held an esteemed reputation as a nationwide telecoms powerhouse. With over 50+ years of combined experience, the brothers inherited the legacy of their predecessors, who were instrumental in building the infrastructure for prominent entities such as BT, CATV, McNicholas, and Carillion. This rich heritage serves as a testament to their deep-rooted understanding of the industry, further enhancing their credibility as trusted civil engineering contractors in the South East.


Verge Works



EV Charging

A Range of Services

Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd is renowned for its comprehensive range of services offered in the civil engineering sector. Their expertise extends across multiple domains, making them a one-stop solution for various project requirements.

From telecoms work to electric trenching, EV charging points, verge works, and footways and carriageways, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd is equipped to handle diverse infrastructure needs.

With their diverse service offerings and unwavering commitment to excellence, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd continues to establish itself as a trusted and dependable civil engineering contractor in the South East. Clients can rely on their expertise and comprehensive solutions to meet their infrastructure needs efficiently and effectively.

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