Areas Covered

Civils for the Telecoms Industry

Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd takes pride in providing our exceptional civil engineering services across the South East and further afield. Our day to day work covers a wide range of areas, including:

Kent: As a prominent civil engineering contractor, we serve the diverse needs of clients in Kent. Our expertise in utility installation, electrical trenching, and telecoms services enables us to deliver outstanding results throughout the region.

London: At Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd, we extend our services to the vibrant city of London. Our skilled professionals are well-equipped to tackle the unique challenges of this bustling metropolis, delivering reliable civil engineering solutions, including EV charging points installation and infrastructure development.


Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd is your trusted partner for civil engineering services in Hampshire. Whether it’s telecoms infrastructure development, footways, and carriageways services, or electrical trenching, we bring our expertise and commitment to excellence to enhance the infrastructure throughout the county.


We proudly serve clients in Buckinghamshire, offering our comprehensive civil engineering solutions. From telecoms services to infrastructure development projects, we leverage our knowledge and experience to drive progress and connectivity across the county.


Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd extends our civil engineering services to Hertfordshire. With our meticulous verge works, carriageway repairs, and utility installation expertise, we contribute to enhancing the infrastructure and connectivity throughout the county.


Our civil engineering services cover Surrey, where we specialise in various areas, including electrical trenching, footways, carriageways, and landscape construction. We work closely with clients to deliver solutions that meet their unique requirements, contributing to the improvement of infrastructure in the county.

West & East Sussex

Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd serves West and East Sussex with our exceptional civil engineering expertise. From telecoms services to verge works and infrastructure enhancements, we are dedicated to transforming the landscape and connectivity across both regions.

No matter where your project is located within these areas, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd is committed to delivering outstanding civil engineering services across the South East and further afield. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience our dedication to excellence in the regions we cover.