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Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd are your trusted provider of comprehensive civil engineering services. With a committed attitude to excellence and a wealth of industry knowledge, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for every project.

Our expertise spans across a wide range of services, including utility installation in the South East, ensuring that your infrastructure needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Telecoms Work

At Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd, we specialise in telecoms work, offering box builds and network infrastructure installations. With our in-depth understanding of the telecommunications industry, we ensure a fast and efficient service with the best results.

From initial planning to installation and maintenance, we provide comprehensive services that meet the highest industry standards.

Electrical Trenching

Our team of experts is well-versed in electrical trenching, a crucial aspect of infrastructure development. We undertake trenching projects with meticulous precision to accommodate electrical installations, ensuring a safe and efficient power supply.

Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, our electrical trenching services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

EV Charging Points

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, Mullen Brothers offer professional installation services for EV charging points. We understand the importance of building a robust charging network to support sustainable transportation. Our team utilises the latest technology and best practices to provide reliable and convenient EV charging infrastructure.

Verge Works

Our comprehensive verge works services encompass the construction, maintenance, and improvement of green spaces and roadside areas, especially after construction products. Whether it’s landscaping, tree planting, or environmental enhancements, our team has the expertise to transform verges into aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.


Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd takes pride in delivering high-quality footways and carriageways that ensure safe and accessible environments for pedestrians and vehicles. From new construction to maintenance and resurfacing, we adhere to strict quality standards to create durable and visually appealing pathways and roadways.

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With Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd, you can trust that your infrastructure projects are in capable hands. Our diverse range of services, including utility installation in the South East, allows us to cater to a wide array of project needs.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the excellence of our civil engineering services.