Footways & Carriageways

Repair & Resurfacing Specialists

Make Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd your trusted partner for comprehensive civil engineering solutions, specialising in footways and carriageways services in the South East. With our expertise in infrastructure development and maintenance, we provide efficient and reliable solutions to ensure safe and accessible pathways and roadways throughout the region.

Our team are vastly experienced in delivering exceptional footway and carriageway services, including carriageway repairs in the South East. Our expertise in infrastructure development and maintenance ensures the safety, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal of pedestrian pathways and roadways throughout the region.

Construction & Maintenance

Our dedicated teams excel in the construction and maintenance of footways, ensuring safe and functional pedestrian pathways.

Whether it’s building new footways or repairing existing ones, we employ industry-leading techniques and materials to deliver durable and visually appealing solutions. Our meticulous approach guarantees that footways meet the highest standards of quality and accessibility.

Carriageway Repairs

Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd have many years experience providing comprehensive footway and carriageway repairs in the South East. Our experienced professionals are equipped to handle various repair needs, including pothole repairs, surface resurfacing, and general maintenance.

We understand the importance of maintaining smooth and safe road surfaces, and our team ensures that carriageway repairs are executed promptly and efficiently, minimising disruptions to traffic flow.

Infrastructure Elements

As part of our footways and carriageways services, we provide infrastructure enhancements to improve the overall functionality and aesthetics of roadways. From installing traffic calming measures to implementing safety features such as road markings and signage, our experienced team ensures that road users in the South East have a safe and pleasant experience.

We take pride in our comprehensive project management approach. Our skilled professionals oversee every aspect of footways and carriageways projects, from initial planning to final delivery. We collaborate closely with clients in the South East, understanding their specific requirements and providing tailored solutions.

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