Civils for the Telecoms Industry

Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd specialise in delivering comprehensive civil engineering solutions, specifically civils for telecoms in the South East. Our expertise lies in excavation and installation projects that involve digging up roads and other areas to lay telecoms cables. We ensure the development of reliable and seamless communication networks throughout the region.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional telecoms services that empower efficient communication networks. Through our expertise in civils for telecoms, including digging up roads and other areas in the South East to lay telecoms cables, we contribute to the seamless connectivity of communities.

Infrastructure Development

Our telecoms services focus on the development of robust infrastructure to support efficient communication. With our experienced teams and advanced techniques, we expertly excavate and install telecoms cables, strategically placing them to optimise connectivity.

Whether it’s in urban, suburban, or rural areas, we deliver precise and efficient installations that meet the specific needs of each project.

Road & Area Digging

We specialise in digging up roads and other areas as part of our telecoms projects. Our dedicated teams are well-versed in navigating the complexities of urban environments, adhering to strict safety regulations, and minimising disruptions to traffic and local communities.

Through meticulous planning and execution, we ensure the seamless installation of telecoms cables, enabling uninterrupted communication networks.

Project Management

Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd offers end-to-end project management for telecoms infrastructure development. From initial planning to final delivery, our skilled professionals oversee every aspect of the project. We collaborate closely with our clients across the South East, understanding their unique requirements and providing tailored solutions. Our project management approach ensures effective coordination, timely completion, and adherence to the highest industry standards, contact us today to find out more.

Quality and safety are at the core of our telecoms services. Our teams are trained in the proper handling of excavation equipment and follow industry best practices to ensure the safety of both our workforce and the surrounding environment.