Building Relations: Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s Collaboration with Giganet for Trench Digging in the South East


Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd, a renowned civil engineering firm, recently partnered with Giganet to undertake an ambitious project aimed at expanding connectivity in the South East. The project involved a range of tasks, including trench digging, new dig installation, cable pulling, and the deployment of dedicated six-day works teams. With their expertise in utility installation and commitment to excellence, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd successfully completed the project, cementing their position as industry leaders.

Trench digging played a crucial role in establishing the foundation for Giganet’s network infrastructure. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s team of skilled technicians meticulously planned and executed the trench digging process, ensuring precise measurements and minimal disruption to the surrounding areas. Their expertise and meticulous approach to trench digging laid the groundwork for the subsequent stages of the project.

The installation of 15 kilometres of new dig was a significant milestone in the collaboration between Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd and Giganet. This involved creating a network of trenches to accommodate the necessary infrastructure for seamless connectivity. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s team showcased their expertise in trench digging, ensuring that the new dig was executed with precision, adhering to the highest industry standards.

The cable pulling phase was another critical aspect of the project. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s skilled technicians meticulously pulled and integrated 20 kilometres of cable into the network infrastructure. Their expertise in cable pulling ensured the seamless integration of the cables, allowing for efficient data transmission and high-speed connectivity throughout the South East.

Throughout the build, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd deployed dedicated six-day works teams. These teams, consisting of experienced professionals, worked tirelessly to ensure the project’s smooth progress. Their dedication and expertise were instrumental in meeting the project deadlines and delivering exceptional results.

The collaboration between Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd and Giganet exemplifies the importance of trench digging and efficient infrastructure in building connections and expanding connectivity. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s expertise in utility installation and their commitment to excellence ensured the successful completion of the project, leaving a lasting impact on the connectivity landscape in the South East.

As leaders in trench digging and utility installation, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd continues to spearhead transformative projects, driving progress and enhancing connectivity. Their collaboration with Giganet stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.