Mullen Bros Sparks Momentum: A Green Community Ignites in Windlesham, London


In a truly electrifying start to the new year, Mullen Brothers Utilities sparks innovation with the installation of a joint EV charging bay for a valued client in Windlesham, London. This initiative not only symbolizes our entrance into the new year but proudly declares our role in crafting a sustainable and forward-thinking community for future generations.

The installation of dual EV charging bays in Windlesham is a bold step towards promoting eco-friendly transportation in the heart of London. The phrase “creating this new green community for future generations” echoes with purpose as Mullen Bros actively contributes to the evolution of urban spaces that prioritise sustainability.

Windlesham, known for its scenic charm, now stands as a beacon of progress with the integration of EV charging infrastructure. Mullen Brothers Utilities is honored to play a crucial part in building a community where electric mobility is not just accommodated but celebrated.

The joint EV charging bay installation is a technical feat, but more importantly, it’s a stride toward enhancing the infrastructure for electric vehicles in London. Our commitment to a sustainable future is mirrored by our valued client in Windlesham, who shares our vision of a community where clean energy and modern conveniences go hand in hand.

As we embark on this journey in Windlesham, Mullen Bros reaffirms its dedication to pioneering solutions that align with environmental consciousness. The installation of EV charging bays is a testament to our commitment to advancing green initiatives and supporting London’s transition to cleaner and more sustainable transportation options.

Stay tuned for more updates as Mullen Bros continues to illuminate pathways for eco-friendly progress. The new year not only brings renewed opportunities but a commitment to shaping a community where the phrase “EV charging bay in London” signifies accessibility, sustainability, and a greener tomorrow.