Powering Progress: Mullen Brothers Now Licensed Operators in Kent


Mullen Brothers Utilities reaches a significant milestone as we proudly announce the acquisition of our Operator License. This game-changing development propels us into a new era of operational independence, allowing us to efficiently manage our fleet of hot boxes and grab lorries. This strategic move not only streamlines our internal processes but also positions us as licensed operators in Kent, offering clients a comprehensive and self-sufficient service model.

The granting of our Operator License marks a transformative moment in our journey. With this license, we gain the autonomy to manage our own hot boxes and grab lorries, enabling us to seamlessly integrate our operations and provide clients in Kent with a one-stop-shop for a multitude of services. This development not only enhances our efficiency but also empowers us to offer a self-delivery model, providing clients with a more streamlined and responsive service.

Becoming licensed operators in Kent signifies our commitment to delivering excellence and convenience under one roof. The ability to manage our own fleet allows us to tailor services to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring a level of flexibility and customisation that sets us apart in the utilities sector.

Our self-delivery model, made possible through the Operator License, enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of services. From hot boxes to grab lorries, clients can now benefit from a range of utilities solutions, all provided by a single, licensed operator in Kent. This not only simplifies the logistics for our clients but also ensures a cohesive and coordinated approach to project delivery.

As we embrace this new chapter, Mullen Brothers Utilities reaffirms its commitment to innovation and efficiency. The Operator License is not just a regulatory milestone; it is a testament to our dedication to providing top-tier services and advancing the standards of utilities management in Kent. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to power progress in the region.