Powering the Future: Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s Electrical Trenching & EV Charging Point Project in the South East


In an era marked by the transition to electric vehicles, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation through their electrical trenching and EV charging point project in the South East. This ambitious endeavour encompassed a range of tasks, including the excavation and installation of 5 kilometres of electrical trenching, the installation of over 500 EV charging bays, and the establishment of 100 joint bays. With their expertise and commitment to innovation, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd has contributed significantly to the expansion of EV charging infrastructure in the South East.

The project commenced with the meticulous excavation and installation of 5 kilometres of electrical trenching. This crucial phase involved precision trench digging to accommodate the electrical infrastructure required for EV charging. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s skilled technicians showcased their expertise in electrical trenching, ensuring seamless integration of the electrical infrastructure, and laying the foundation for the efficient delivery of electricity to the charging points.

Over 500 EV charging bays were installed as part of this groundbreaking project. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s team of experts meticulously placed and connected the charging points, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards. By providing convenient and accessible EV charging infrastructure, they have contributed to the wider adoption of electric vehicles in the South East, facilitating sustainable transportation options for residents and visitors.

In addition to the charging bays, the project involved the installation of 100 joint bays. These joint bays served as essential connection points, ensuring the proper distribution of electrical power to the charging infrastructure. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s meticulous attention to detail during the installation of the joint bays guaranteed reliable and efficient electricity flow to the EV charging points.

The collaboration between Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd and the South East has had a significant impact on the region’s EV charging infrastructure. Through their dedication and expertise, they have created an extensive network of charging bays, paving the way for convenient and accessible EV charging in the South East.

As the demand for EV charging infrastructure continues to grow, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd remains at the forefront of innovation and progress. Their electrical trenching and EV charging point project in the South East demonstrates their commitment to building a sustainable future and driving the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. By providing the necessary infrastructure, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd is empowering individuals and communities to embrace cleaner and greener transportation options in the South East.