Transforming Connectivity: Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s Collaboration with Swish Fibre


In today’s digitally-driven world, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is essential for individuals and businesses alike. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd, a trusted name in civil engineering, recently partnered with Swish Fibre to embark on an ambitious project aimed at transforming connectivity in the South East. Leveraging their expertise in utility installation, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd successfully completed a series of tasks, including the installation of 40 kilometres of new dig, pulling 100 kilometres of fibre/cable, constructing over 1,500 chambers, resolving 250+ blockages, and achieving 7,500 RFS (Ready for Service) connections.

The project commenced with the installation of 40 kilometres of new dig, a crucial step in establishing a solid foundation for Swish Fibre’s state-of-the-art network infrastructure. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s team of skilled technicians meticulously planned and executed the excavation process, ensuring minimal disruption to the existing infrastructure in Sussex. With their expertise and unwavering attention to detail, they successfully completed the dig, laying the groundwork for the cable installation that would soon follow.

Next on the agenda was the intricate task of pulling 100 kilometres of fibre/cable. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s team of experts harnessed their technical proficiency to seamlessly integrate fibre optic cables into Swish Fibre’s network infrastructure. Through their meticulous approach and dedication to delivering excellence, they successfully accomplished the cable installation, paving the way for lightning-fast and reliable internet connectivity across the South East.

The construction of over 1,500 chambers was yet another remarkable achievement in this collaborative endeavour. These chambers served as vital access points for the network infrastructure, housing essential equipment and cables. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s highly skilled engineers meticulously constructed each chamber, adhering to the highest standards of quality, and ensuring optimal functionality for Swish Fibre’s network in the South East.

In addition to the primary tasks, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s team efficiently addressed over 250 blockages, promptly resolving issues that arose during the project. Their adept problem-solving skills and ability to overcome obstacles played a critical role in maintaining the project’s momentum, ensuring uninterrupted service for Swish Fibre’s customers throughout the South East.

The collaboration between Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd and Swish Fibre culminated in an impressive milestone of 7,500 RFS connections. These connections signify that the network infrastructure is fully prepared to deliver high-speed internet services to homes, businesses, and communities across Sussex. Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd’s unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous approach were instrumental in achieving these connections, empowering Swish Fibre to offer seamless and reliable connectivity to its customers throughout the region.

The partnership between Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd and Swish Fibre showcases the significance of reliable and efficient infrastructure in revolutionising connectivity. Through their expertise in cable installation and unwavering commitment to excellence, Mullen Brothers Utilities Ltd continues to spearhead exceptional civil engineering services that empower communities and drive progress in the South East and beyond.