Navigating Complexity: Crucial Utility Installs in Horsham Completed for a Festive Milestone


Mullen Bros Utilities celebrates a significant achievement as we conclude crucial utility installs in Horsham, finalising a critical phase of construction just in time for the festive season. This milestone underscores our commitment to precision, efficiency, and the seamless integration of vital utilities into the urban landscape.

The project involved navigating a traffic-sensitive road, and we proudly partnered with Boyle Highways, our preferred Traffic Management (TM) supplier. The complex setup included the meticulous installation of pedestrian lights, bus stop suspensions, and the strategic switching out of existing signals. Our collaborative efforts ensured the safety of both pedestrians and commuters while allowing for the uninterrupted flow of traffic in this vibrant Horsham neighbourhood.

A remarkable feat was the installation of 150 meters of overlay in just one weekend. This involved a carefully orchestrated process of excavation, backfilling, and reinstating, demonstrating our ability to execute large-scale utility installs with efficiency and precision. The weekend operation was not without its challenges, as we navigated through a utility-stricken pathway containing high-voltage electric lines, high-pressure gas pipes, water mains, traffic signals, and existing telecoms infrastructure.

Our commitment to safety and excellence was evident throughout this utility installation process in Horsham. The seamless integration of utility services, despite the myriad challenges presented by the pathway, reflects our dedication to providing reliable and uninterrupted services to the community.

As we wrap up this phase of crucial utility installs in Horsham, we take pride in contributing to the region’s growth and development. Our focus on efficiency and safety ensures that residents and businesses can enjoy a festive season unencumbered by disruptions, setting the stage for a prosperous and connected new year. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to shape the utility landscape in Horsham and beyond.